Patient Resources

Do you have questions about your eye health?

The links below provide insight and knowledge into eye health and eye diseases as well as links to eye care related topics.

Coalition of Vision Resources

The brochure was created in an effort to educate Nebraskans and Iowans about the continuum of vision services available. NAEPS has been a member and supporter of the coalition.

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Outlook Nebraska, Inc.

Outlook Nebraska, Inc. (ONI) is a not for profit organization that formed in early 2000 to promote employment and capabilities of the blind and visually impaired. ONI is the largest employer of the blind and visually impaired in Nebraska. ONI’s mission stems from our desire to overcome the challenges the visually impaired experience in finding gainful employment. This challenge is highlighted by a lack of awareness of capabilities

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EyeCare America

Founded in 1985, EyeCare America is a public service program of the Foundation of the American Academy of Ophthalmology. Our mission is to reduce avoidable blindness and severe visual impairment by raising awareness about eye disease and care, providing free eye health educational materials and facilitating access to medical eye care.

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The EyeSmart public awareness campaign empowers Americans to take charge of their eye health. EyeSmart emphasizes the need for Americans to know their risk factors for eye diseases, infections and injuries, and the role ophthalmologists play in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of eye conditions.

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National Eye Institute

The National Eye Institute site, produced in conjunction with the U.S. National Institutes of Health, is devoted specifically to eye care. Includes a patient information library, photos and illustrations, low-vision information, news and events, clinical studies and current research, and patient information in Spanish.

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Produced by the Macular Degeneration Foundation, this site is specifically devoted to providing information regarding age-related macular degeneration and low vision. Includes information regarding adult and juvenile AMD, an AMD pictorial, FAQs, glossary of eye terms, reports and research on AMD, news updates and a free newsletter.

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Glaucoma Foundation

Comprehensive site devoted specifically to the causes and treatments of glaucoma. Provides latest updates on glaucoma and glaucoma research, free newsletters from the Glaucoma Foundation, glaucoma-related news features and support group information.

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Provides basic information and FAQs regarding age-related macular degeneration. Features monthly newsletters regarding updates and research on AMD.

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Produced by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, this site specifically provides information on retinal degenerative diseases, including causes, current treatments and research and support resource

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Vision Connection

Founded by Lighthouse International and produced in conjunction with the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB), this is an accessible, interactive global Internet portal for people who are partially sighted or blind, the professionals who work with them, and people who support them. The site features the latest information on vision impairment, its prevention and vision rehabilitation.

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Glaucoma Research Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for glaucoma. The website offers free educational resources and support for people with glaucoma and their families. Web pages include a site viewing toolbar to improve accessibility for the visually impaired.

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